Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does Fedstorage comply with the latest fire safety regulations?

A: All our self-storages meet the requirements of the latest fire safety regulations, which are now called the new generation self-storage.


Q: What is the problem with old style storage?

A: Generally speaking, old style self-storages are fire hazards due to overcrowding and lack of fire safety equipments.


Q: What are the risks of using old style storage?

A: Apart from fire risk, government authorities have issued orders for all old style storages to upgrade immediately or risk closure, which will cause great inconveniences to their customers.


Q: What sizes of storages are available at Fedstorage?

A: We have different sizes from 8 sq. ft. to  250 sq. ft.


Q: What is the contract period for using self-storage at Fedstorage?

A: Our minimum contract period is 1 month and the maximum term is 12 months.


Q: What payment methods are available at Fedstorage?

A: Customers can pay by Cash, EPS, Cheque, Credit Card, bank transfer, FPS, Wechat Pay, and Alipay.


Q: Does Fedstorage units have temperature control?

A: We have 24-hour temperature control systems.


Q: Is 24-hour access available at Fedstorage?

A: Fedstorage gives you 24-hour access (including holidays) with a smart card.


Q: Is washroom available?

A: All our units have interior washrooms available to customers.


Q: Any other accessories available?

A: We provide trolleys, ladders, stools, and packing tables.


Q: What items are not allowed in our storage?

A: Anything that are restricted or prohibited by law, includes but not limited to explosive, flammable, radioactive, chemicals, illegal, corrosive, and deteriorating products, are not allowed in our self-storage.